ROBO-RUN Operable in the narrow pipe network

Amphibious vehicle

Stellar image acquisition system--360° flaw detection in the pipe

Real-time monitor the data of detection inside the pipe

Amphibious Design
The waterproof design is added on the traditional tracked car base. It’s waterproof to a depth of 30m.
Wide Viewing Angle
The two-axis gimbal is equipped inside cabin which allows for motions like level 360° turn and pitching at 180°
2-D Section Mapping
With the high-precise sensor and the mapping software, it can draw the two-dimensional section of the underground pipeline.
Intelligent Control
Intelligent control is available which allows automatic balance while operating on the slope or in the large diameter pipe.
Platform parameters:
Size: 450*300*300mm
Std. Wt.: >20.0Kg
Depth: ≤30m
Battery life: 4-6h
Control method: 100m cable standard; 300m maximum
Support: ground controller base station

ROBO-RUN is an amphibious underwater robotic platform capable of special operations like pipeline or underwater detection. With the accompanying 360°HD camera and the add-on peripheral surface, it can be paired up with various monitoring devices, mechanical arm and air bag. Not only can ROBO-RUN be used for pipe network flaw detection and data collection, with it, manual work can be substituted to clean or detect the benthic deposit at ports. The application scenarios include urban pipeline flaw detection, explosion-proof operation, urgent repair, and etc.