ROBO-ROV The underwater watcher

HD video in real-time

Available to be pairing up with devices for marine works

Data sharing can be achieved by applying the wireless communication feature

Super Long Battery Life
The built-in powerful battery can last up to 4hours without stop. Besides, the battery is replaceable.
Real Time Image Transfer
Real-time display information like traveling speed, traveling direction, the coordinates and the attitudes of the robot in real time.
More Agility And Flexible
With the six powerful propellers, it is able to move in all directions. It can dive as deep as 300m maximum.
Secondary Development
Tools like mechanical arm, sonar image device and USBL can be added to capture target objects, map the underwater topography.
Platform parameters:
Gimbal:Single degree of freedom angle of pitch±60°
Battery Life:24 hours in a row
ROBO-ROV is an underwater robotic platform capable of long time working that can be used for underwater searching, mapping. Apart from that, it also can be used for operations like pipeline placement or device mounting on the seabed. ROBO-ROV is able to carry out intelligent performance like cruising in a given direction or at a given depth. Six high-power vector distributed brushless propellers are applied to the robot which enables 360°movement. It’s easy to control, can dive as deep as 300m. With the original artificial lateral line system, through the pressure sensor array, it can perceive the environment information in real time thus to avoid obstacles automatically.