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Deputy Minister of Transportation praises ROBOSEA robot
Recently, the submersible oil detection robot jointly developed by ROBOSEA and the Water Transport Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport was put into trial operation at the Qinhuangdao Marine Oil Spill Response Center, serving 2018 Beidaihe Summer Emergency.

The submersible oil detection robot is a handy-type ROV jointly developed by ROBOSEA and the Marine Robots Joint Team of the Ministry of Transport and Transportation Research on the discovery and sampling of submerged submersible oil. The device utilizes a new generation of artificial intelligence technology such as machine vision to improve the reliable discovery and capture sampling capability of submersible oil, which has important practical significance for protecting the marine environment.

On July 23, 2018, Vice Minister He Jianzhong inspected the emergency response of the oil spill on the ground during Qinhuangdao's inspection of the summer transportation safety guarantee work, and listened to the report of the R&D team.