ROBO-FISH Expert on Water Quality Monitoring

Driven by bionic caudal fin and the brushless propeller

Available to be pairing up with various online monitoring sensors

Multi-channel sampling

Multi-channel Sampling
Equipped with an independent water quality sampling module, Robo-Fish supports multi-point sampling. Combined with the path planning function, it can achieve distributed sampling.
Real-Time Monitoring
Choose the online water quality sensor accordingly. The standard options are the sensors that used for monitoring ammonia nitrogen, COD, turbidity, and the common five parameters.
Combination Drive Design
With the motion being generated by the bionic caudal fin and the brushless propeller, the robot is capable of traveling as far as 15kilometers, turning on the spot, and going forward/backward.
Portable And Easy To Carry
The length of the whole machine is less than 1m, the weight of the single machine is less than 30kg, and it is equipped with a professional transport box, which is convenient for carrying in the wild.
Platform parameters:
Net Weight:35Kg
Battery:10AH lithium battery
Working Voltage:24V
Positioning:1080P Wide-Angle Lens, 4X Optical Zoom
Data Transfer:300Mbps high speed wireless
ROBO-FISH is a hybrid underwater robotic platform capable of long-distance wireless control that can be used for water quality analysis, water sampling, and etc. With the motion being generated by the bionic caudal fin and the brushless propeller, which, to the largest extent, merged the bionic technology with the traditional tech advantages that, not only can travel at high speed but also can work for a long time. According to the situation of the target water area, ROBO-FISH can carry out 3D dynamic monitoring, and through 4G network communication to transfer the information to the data center. It’s available to be pairing up with various external devices to carry out operations like water quality detection and water sampling.