ROBOLAB-ROV Free to Invent

Creative kit for elementary/junior school students

Modular design

Graphical programming

Open source

Brand New Design
The standardized modules like the connecting beam, connecting piece, camera, mechanical arm, and spotlight are included. The design allows user to reconstruct the structure of the ROV. The structure can be combined with three propellers, four propellers,
Graphical Programming
The ROV can be operated through App. The programming is enabled by moving the graphical function modules around
Wireless Control
The way of cable-control has been replaced by the wireless-control through pad thanks to the antenna buoy on the outside of the ROV
Extended Module
The standardized modules for different use are included, like the propellers with different power, spotlight, mechanical arm, camera that facilitate the functional extendibility of the ROV
Platform parameters:
Dimension:Limited to 40cm (customizable)
Weight:≤5kg (structural skeleton, propellers are included)
Link Interface:Waterproof plug-in connection
Battery life:≥2.5h(4 propellers)
Program Burning:WiFi wireless buming
Max Speed:1 knot(about 0.5m/s,4 propellers)
ROBOLAB-ROV is a creative kit for K12 education market. This creative kit uses modular design that allows its structure and function to be further developed and open source, thanks to which, various forms of underwater robot can be made out through innovation. Besides, the difficulty of programming has been lowered by applying the graphical programming to the system which is simple to learn, easy to use. The accompanying textbook is available for programming learning, teaching, scientific research and etc.