International Underwater Robot Competition

The autonomous underwater robot has been named as the official product by the International Underwater Robot Competition which is a robot competition of international standing. The competition is all about the underwater races among the intelligent bionic fish robot, including automatic recognition, speed race, synchronized swimming, chasing and the intense water polo game.  

Two Control Ways

Manual controlby the wireless underwater acoustic communication remote control

Move automaticallyset it to automatic mode by pre planning its traveling path

Acoustic Communication

Unlike the normal cable-control way, the fish robot uses the underwater acoustic communication controlling the fish robot, with this feature the fish robot is able to move freely and easy to carry around  

Open Source

All the common SDK library functions for secondary development

Function resolution is also provided to facilitate the secondary development

Debugging Platform

The debugging software for the platform which allows:

- The adjustments on the settings of the fish robot

- Programing & burn and record the procedure

- The manifestation of the working status of the add-ons

- Image capture in real time

The add-on aviation plug

Preformed aviation plug

Available to be paired up with the add-ons

Learn the status of the add-ons in real time 

Technical Support

Our professional experienced technical team members are here to provide comprehensive after-sales service and technical support. From the use and debugging of the robot to the questions regarding the secondary development, you can always get the answers you need.